Saturday, August 8, 2009

Botanic Garden - 8/3-8/7

We spent another week at the Botanic Garden :) D'Angelo got to do a week of Bug Camp and the rest of us spent our time walking around the gardens trying to stay cool and happy.

Here is the fountain that Oliver tossed his shoe into- it landed right in the middle. After trying to convince Adeline or Auggie to go in and get it for me I got to walk in and retrieve it.

D'Angelo on the tram ready for his last day of Bug Camp adventures!

Friday, August 7, 2009


Thursday afternoon we had a great opportunity to go to Legoland for free!
A Big Thank You to Clearbrook :)
The prices are usually- Adult: $19.00 Child: $15.00 Children age 2 and under are free. So you can see why I couldn't resist going. I knew the kids would enjoy it so after spending the morning at the Botanic we headed over to The LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre in The Streets of Woodfield. The kids had fun playing with all the Legos, riding the rides and watching the 4D Bob the Builder movie. Xavier, Oliver & Tia were in serious need of food & a nap by 3:30 so I headed out to the car to hang with them there while Grandma & Josh played inside with Addie, Auggie & D'Angelo. Around 6pm Adeline came out to the car and the boys stayed until the place closed an hour later at 7:00.
Joshua made these cool chairs for the boys.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Xavier's First Haircut

Xavier James just before his first haircut!
He is 2 years, 4 months, 22 days old!
OR**75,600,000 seconds *OR*1,260,000 minutes *OR*21,000 hours
*OR*125 weeks*OR*875 days
Bye bye curls... Mama will miss you

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Today we all went to Twin Lakes for the One Plus One twins club picnic. The kids looked forward to this picnic for so long. We live close to Twin Lakes and pass it often. Each time we pass by there the kids yell out, "there's our picnic spot!"

Fourth of July

I use facebook daily and upload lots of pictures there but then I neglect to blog. Sorry to my family & friends who do not use FB. I am trying to be better but my time is limited and a girl has got to sleep sometime. Along with that though I thought I blogged our 4th of July pics here but nooooo, they are only on FB.

we had a nice time at Marisa & Max's party on the 3rd where we were able to watch the Arlington Park fireworks from their backyard.


Ready to go stake out our spot to watch the parade

Since we arrived a couple hours before the parade began to save our space we had time to enjoy a little lunch at Mrs. P & Me.

Mt. Prospect parade

it's raining, thankfully not pouring

Friday, June 19, 2009

I have been unable to post since April because my account kept saying I didn't have enough storage even after I bought more. I finally took the time to get it working tonight, so here are some pictures from this week. D'Angelo attended Hidden Treasures camp at the Botanic Garden every morning this week. The other kids and I spent our mornings walking around the gardens. We actually got very lucky with the weather up until today. This morning we had a good storm that included lightening & hail so I didn't even bother getting my wagon off the carrier or taking the kids out of the car. We spent a wonderful 2.5 hours in the car watching DVD's, eating popcorn and driving in circles in hopes that the criers would STOP waiting for D'Angelo while he was enjoying his last day of camp. Let's just say that Oliver & Tia did not enjoy hanging out in their carseats.

Oliver wanted to swim in the water features. At one point he kicked off his shoes and tried to climb in. He also asked me to take his shirt off.
our wagon and our friend's wagon ... we got lots of attention.