Friday, June 19, 2009

I have been unable to post since April because my account kept saying I didn't have enough storage even after I bought more. I finally took the time to get it working tonight, so here are some pictures from this week. D'Angelo attended Hidden Treasures camp at the Botanic Garden every morning this week. The other kids and I spent our mornings walking around the gardens. We actually got very lucky with the weather up until today. This morning we had a good storm that included lightening & hail so I didn't even bother getting my wagon off the carrier or taking the kids out of the car. We spent a wonderful 2.5 hours in the car watching DVD's, eating popcorn and driving in circles in hopes that the criers would STOP waiting for D'Angelo while he was enjoying his last day of camp. Let's just say that Oliver & Tia did not enjoy hanging out in their carseats.

Oliver wanted to swim in the water features. At one point he kicked off his shoes and tried to climb in. He also asked me to take his shirt off.
our wagon and our friend's wagon ... we got lots of attention.

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The Hangs said...

my kids would be so jealous of that wagon! that is very cool! I was thinking about you today on your last day at the garden... that was a nasty storm!! glad you made it through the week!