Saturday, August 8, 2009

Botanic Garden - 8/3-8/7

We spent another week at the Botanic Garden :) D'Angelo got to do a week of Bug Camp and the rest of us spent our time walking around the gardens trying to stay cool and happy.

Here is the fountain that Oliver tossed his shoe into- it landed right in the middle. After trying to convince Adeline or Auggie to go in and get it for me I got to walk in and retrieve it.

D'Angelo on the tram ready for his last day of Bug Camp adventures!

Friday, August 7, 2009


Thursday afternoon we had a great opportunity to go to Legoland for free!
A Big Thank You to Clearbrook :)
The prices are usually- Adult: $19.00 Child: $15.00 Children age 2 and under are free. So you can see why I couldn't resist going. I knew the kids would enjoy it so after spending the morning at the Botanic we headed over to The LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre in The Streets of Woodfield. The kids had fun playing with all the Legos, riding the rides and watching the 4D Bob the Builder movie. Xavier, Oliver & Tia were in serious need of food & a nap by 3:30 so I headed out to the car to hang with them there while Grandma & Josh played inside with Addie, Auggie & D'Angelo. Around 6pm Adeline came out to the car and the boys stayed until the place closed an hour later at 7:00.
Joshua made these cool chairs for the boys.