Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My friend Ruick made Independance Day outfits for the kids but I never got to take pictures of them together. We had a BBQ here and the kids stripped their cute clothes to jump into the pool before I got any pics. Yesterday we were up at my Mom & Darrell's so I dressed them up and took some pics.
fresh picked zucchini

all together now!

twins on the run

Big brother and baby sister

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Yesterday was opening day for the Rock County Fair in Janesville, WI . It is the oldest 4-H fair in the United States and remains the largest youth fair to this day. We spent the whole day, noon-8:30pm, there with our friend Ray, my mom and Darrell. The kids had such a fun time at the fair. They were able to pet sheep, cows, and goats. Walking through all the barns and hearing the enthusastic young exhibitors tell us about their animals was really neat, it is always my favorite part of the fair. They are always so willing and happy to allow the little kids to come and pet their animals.

We enjoyed our lunch at one of the church sponsered tents. Burgers, hotdogs, pulled pork, baked potatoes and the Best iced coffee. I like supporting them and they always have good food at much better prices than the carnival food vendors. That is not to say that we did not indulge in any of those other treats though. My mom and I love cotton candy-gross I know - but I do love it at a fair. We also had curly fries, cheese curds, lemonade and ice cream!

Thanks to my Mom and Darrell for such a fun day.

my lil' cowboy

my Mom with Tia & Darrell pushing D'Angelo & Xavier

She also followed us over to the cow barn to let the kids get up close with her brother's cows.

Adeline loves cows!

This is always a hit with my kids! Xavier and Oliver had their first experience playing in the corn. They spent an hour in the beginning of the day in there and another hour just before we were leaving.

D & Auggie made friends with an older kid who had a great time burying them in the corn and dumping it over their heads. Their laughter was awesome!

they rode this ride multiple times and choose this jeep every time!
Funny since it's the only one they rode in last year too!

The picture below is of them last year 7-27-2007

busy hands making braclets