Monday, September 29, 2008

Apple Picking

Friday we went to Royal Oaks for our first time apple picking. 83 and sunny is not what I call apple picking weather! Although the weather was not right by my standards for apple picking we went anyway because it was a group outing with our home school group. We got to tour the orchard on an antique tractor drawn wagon. Poppy told the kids he had driven the same type of tractor 45 years ago! Poppy called it a putt-putt tractor. We watched an educational video on pollination, growing and picking apples, picked 5 apples each, and enjoyed a cider donut and 1/2 pint of cider after our tour. The kids had a great time and are enjoying eating the apples. The only downfall was the tired, hot twins. Xavier & Oliver were miserable during the wagon ride back out of the orchard.

here is where it was about to get ugly!

Xavier started to cry, then Oliver, and they cried the whole wagon ride back out of the orchard.