Monday, December 15, 2008

Brookfield Zoo *Holiday Magic*

We had such nice weather yesterday that we decided that I would take the big three kids to Brookfield Zoo to experience Holiday Magic. We planned to go last weekend as a family but it was too cold! Last night it was still 44 degrees at 9:00pm when were leaving the zoo; very windy and raining but at least it wasn't freezing yet! This morning it is 5 degrees here. Brrrrr, we didn't even venture out to playgroup. They all wanted to see Santa so we waited just about 30 minutes which wasn't too bad. Once it was our turn Auggie ran, really ran, into Santa and Adeline wouldn't even go near him. D'Angelo let him know that he wants the yellow train (Geotracks) and Auggie wants the green train. We tried to get our picture with the reindeer but they switch animals ever hour and we were two familes short of seeing the reindeer... I wasn't paying for a picture with a llama wearing a scarf! All in all it was a good time. The kids wanted to go so that always makes it worth the effort.

This was funny, they were trying not to get bit by the alligator! D'Angelo

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gingerbread Fun **Dec 6th**

We had a fun time decorating gingerbread houses, men, and girls with The Miller's. We were all supposed to go to the zoo and see the lights but the weather was so cold that we decided to stay inside and have a gingerbread party instead. Taylor, Adeline and Debbie worked on one house together while D'Angelo, Auggie and I worked on a house together. There is a reason gingerbread houses are for decoration only! The kids were really enjoying the icing and candies during the decorating. Once our houses were complete the kids each made gingerbread people.