Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Delinquent blogger here! We have been busy, sick, busy and sick. I finally took the twins to the doctor last week because Oliver was running a high fever for three consecutive days. He has a double ear infection and both X & O have RSV. The big three are recovering from bad colds but are still coughing and crabby overnight. Rick & I are both dealing with the same yucky cold and terrible sore throat as the kids. I must say that the kids have been more than amused at my loss of a voice this past week. I really hope it gets back to me soon.
My brother, sil & nephew are in town to celebrate Thanksgiving with us. We spent the weekend not doing much though since my kids were sick. The one event we did make it to was Thanksgiving dinner at the cousin’s house on Saturday. It is always nice to see that part of our family and we appreciate that they have included us in their celebration. The kids actually did very well while we were there. Sunday however was challenging because of the late night and disrupted sleep.
We had our Christmas pictures taken tonight and I am happy that we decided to go and try it even though they weren’t in the best of moods or health. We got a nice picture of my kiddos and my nephew to give to my parents for a Christmas gift and we also got a picture of my five for our Christmas cards this year.
It is cold and raining here tonight but I thought I’d share a few fun pictures of the kids playing outside a couple weeks ago.