Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy Friday! We've had a fun & busy week. Yesterday morning I took the kids to an art based playgroup at our friend Melissa's house-brave woman. She opened up her home to 10 toddler/preschoolers and their younger siblings to come over and do messy arts & crafts! It was a ton of fun for the kiddos! We came home ate lunch, napped & then went out to their friend Taylor's house to play. Our playgroup this morning was cancelled, so we hung out at home today. Our friend came over with breakfast which made the kids day! The big guys are coloring and the little guys are playing while I blog this...
The little things that make me happy :)
$3.99 at Target for my new coffee cup.

Tuesday was a stay at home day so we played with shaving creme :)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Happy New Year 2008!
We had a nice New Years with our friends! We have been gettting together with the same group of different friends for the past 7 years. That does make sense what I said, doesn't it? You know, groups of friends stay the same but the people come & go.
We used to gather in David's Lakeside House where we had the studio to crash in with the sexy lamp and all! David, what ever happened to that sexy lamp? We had the great debates, cigars, red wine, too much champagne and crazy drunken dancing fun Bill & Courtney salsa style. We had Alex, Tara & Orr, Jeff & Susan, and Tom. We had the year I couldn't even say good bye to anyone the next morning or early afternoon for that matter because I was sleeping on the bathroom floor. I can say that was the last time I ever drank too much-champagne. We had the year Charlie tried to steal our roast off the counter! The time with David insisting I not throw out the old salad because he loves it wilted the next day! Do you know what he said the next day? What the hell did you save this for? But David NEVER drinks too much.
While we enjoyed our last party there we decided to venture down over 100 steps to the beach so we could, I don't know, why did we go? I don't know why we really went down there to start with but it ended up that Tom ran into Lake Michigan! No joke- freezing cold Jan 1st Tom runs in then gets out to take pictutres to prove he went in! I'm still surprised he made it back up all those steps to the house. Thank goodness he had enough to drink that night.
The year after David sold his Lakeside house we celebrated New Years in Land O Lakes WI. at Orr & Tara's new cabin. Not everyone was able to make the trip up there but it was a great time. We had Bob & Carolyn, Tom, Tara's parents, and us with Baby D. The company was fantastic and the food was, as always, incredible. It was just beautiful there. We took a long walk in the snow covered woods and relished in the peacefulness of everything up there.
The last three years have been spent at Jeff & Susan's place. Again we have seen people come & go here as well. During our 2005-2006 celebration we had Alex & Maggie, Dave, his daughter Andrea, Tom, Jeff, Susan, Rick & I there. That year was memorable for the heated debates that went on. There wasn't a quiet, calm moment btwn any of the guys. Thankfully the next morning proved to be calm since it was just us and Jeff & Susan.
Last year was quiet with Dave not joining us. It was just Jeff, Susan, Tom & us.
We did have Chef Rick prepare us a nice breakfast New Years Day 2007 though.
Here is our table that Susan decorated so beautifully. Susan always has the best decorated tables- always. Even when it isn't an occasion, she makes it an occasion. I love that about her. As for me, I am lucky to get matching plates on my table let alone chargers, napkins in rings, coordinating candles and little decorations. I did however manage to match her table this year. Forgot to get a picture of that though. My teal shirt matched the chargers, etc.
Lucia getting ready to dive into her tent and take up the spot in the middle.
No, really, she wants to take a picture!

creme brulee sideways! The torch is ready!

They gave me a girly cup!

The motley pair.
hey bro, my ski cap looks good!

Adeline New Years Day 2008
3 busy kids coloring