Thursday, April 17, 2008

We have had a full, busy week adjusting to life with our new little one! The big guys are loving Tia up! They are getting better at taking turns holding & feeding her. D'Angelo is the one who questions where I am taking his baby any time I move her!
It really is fun to watch these guys interact.

Our week in a nutshell...

Saturday morning I had a wonderful breakfast with my Godmother Karen. The conversation and company was great. If you can believe it, I did not have any kids with me.
Sunday- We were ten minutes late for church, not too bad if you ask me.
Our Monday playgroup was cancelled so we played out in our yard all day! My Mom was here for an afternoon visit and dinner. Adeline & Auggie also got their hair cut. I cut Auggie's and my Mom trimmed up Adeline's bangs for the first time ever. Monday night I had a Twins Club meeting and took Tia with me to meet my friends.
Auggie's haircut

Adeline not sure if she wants her hair trimmed

Tuesday, we officially had Tia with us for a whole week! We hung out at home, Grandma Debbie came over. Xavier had PT. Tuesday evening D'Angelo had AWANA.

Wednesday, I took Tia to the doctor. She is a healthy baby girl who weighed in at 8 lbs. 6oz. Grandma Debbie stayed home with everyone else while we went. Wednesday night I took Tia with me to my friend Debbie's house for an ice cream social. We had a nice time and out of the 40 ladies that were there Tia & I left with the last few of them! We were so involved in talking that it was 1:00 am when we got home. I will say that I was extremely tired at MOPS this morning.

This morning Adeline, Tia and I went to MOPS while the boys hung out at home with Grandma Debbie and Josh. Once we got home Adeline joined her brothers who were playing outside. As soon as she and D'Angelo started running circles around each other I thought I'd better stop her from running in those shoes and that dress! Too late- she fell. Luckily she recovered well and allowed me to clean up her knee. I put a pair of pants on her, different shoes and she was back outside running!