Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kate Gosselin

I had the opportunity to see Kate Gosselin of Jon & Kate Plus 8, TLC’s hit reality television show, interviewed during the 5:30 service yesterday evening at Willow Creek. They were concluding their series Families at their Best. I did not attend the other portions of the series but plan to get copies of it. The church was packed full for her interview! I went with a couple girlfriends and arrived near 5:00. The main floor was already full and although I'm sure we could have found seats if we looked hard on the second floor we went directly to the third floor and sat right up front. Even from way up there Kate looked fantastic. We mainly watched on the screens but it was neat to hear her speak in person. She was able to share stories of how she and her family have been blessed by God and how he continues to provide for them. I'm glad I was able to attend.
Here are a few of the pictures from Thursday at Coco Key.
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