Sunday, September 2, 2007

We had a nice day visiting with our good friends Jeff, Susan, their daughter Lucy & dog Enzo. The kids played well together & even allowed us to enjoy our meal (for the most part). It is amazing to me how fast these little guys are growing up. Even Enzo was a little puppy not long ago. I think with the change of yet another season nearing I am really feeling that sweet sorrow of how quickly time goes by yet at the same time wholeheartedly enjoying how much my babies are changing, learning, growing and moving on to all the new milestones in their lives.

Who could that be?



there is a new park near Gaga & Papa's house. The kids have been enjoying going there often. We had all five kids there on Thursday which was fun.

I didn't leave these little peanuts on the blanket long because they kept bunching it all up trying to get to the rubber pieces on the ground.

hey how'd the pirate get in here?

kissing piggies

this sweet daughter of mine loves her piggies...I just wish she'd stop trying to kiss them!