Saturday, July 12, 2008


D'Angelo went to VBS last week. He had a great time and was sad that he would not be going again next week. I think there is at least one more VBS in the beginning of August I can get him into at a church close to home. I had a tiring week running him back and forth. He was there from 9-noon each day which meant I had to have all 6 kids in the car by 8:30, listen to Adeline cry all the way home about her D'Angelo being gone and how she is old enough to go to Bible school, got back home about 9:30, then had to wake the twins from their much needed nap to be in the car by 11:30 to pick D up. We would get home close to 12:45, eat lunch and then I would try to get these guys to nap but each day just didn't work out well. All I kept telling myself was that it wasn't about me, D'Angelo was enjoying his special week of fun. Yesterday I took all the kids with to the closing celebration. Thankfully Rick was able to come in the begining for the church part. I don't think it would have gone too well for me alone. The rest of the day was enjoyable but we were all exhausted by the time we finally got into the car to go home at 3:00! LONG DAY.

here he is on his way into class Monday morning

closing program on Friday morning Adeline did not want her picture takenAdeline & D'Angelo helping during the magic show
Auggie & Ade showing off their body art
D'Angelo running around playing with the water outside

sharing a bottle of water

naughty, naughty, I thought Oliver was being a little too quiet!
Last Saturday I went to Ikea to buy Tia a crib but they were oversold, must go back & try again this week. D'Angelo & Adeline went with me and had a fun time checking out all the stuff in the kids area. They especially liked the bunk beds. Adeline actually kicked off her shoes and tried to get under the covers. Here is what the bunk bed looks like in boys' room. I decided to buy it and so glad I did. It has been much easier getting kids to sleep in their own beds! Of course, now Adeline wants a new bed too.

X & O being cute

Adeline showing off her new outfit that Ruick made for her

thanks RuRu