Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Sunday afternoon we hosted our first kid party themed knights & princess to celebrate D'Angelo, Augustine & Adeline's birthdays. We had it at Jumps n Jiggles The kids had a great time and loved having all of their friends and family there. It went very well and I was happy with how easy the party attendants at the park district made it for us. They were very helpful with the set-up & clean-up. I had fun getting everything ready for their party and it was fun to see how excited they were to watch me prepare it all.

I made tunics for all the little boys and had crowns for the little girls. Here is D'Angelo wearing the one I made for him. Auggie never wanted to wear his during the party.

these are the fun dollar store shields I purchased for the little boys to take home

Grampy was here to celebrate with us! Back at our house...

A tiara for Tia
I'm 4 today!

For my scrappy friends.

The goody bags & the thank you cards I am working on.