Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

The kids are having lots of Valentine fun this week. We have had pink, heart shaped pancakes every morning this week, done fun crafts, made valentines for their friends, and made pink Rice Krispie treats to take to a Valentine party. Rick left on Wednesday to go up north to Copper Harbor with his buddy Tom for their annual trip. They enjoy roughing it up there in a little cabin; no plumbing, no heat, no electric, and Lake Superior water. The trail into the cabin is not accessible by car in the winter so they also get to enjoy an 8 mile snowshoe, pulling their gear in a sled to the cabin. I sure hope they are having a fun, safe trip.
This afternoon Debbie & Josh came over to hang out with the 3 little guys while I took Adeline, Auggie and D'Angelo to our home school group's Valentine party. The lucky kiddos have another little party to attend tomorrow.

Showing off the window painting -it was 43 degrees outside.
Here they are passing out Valentine's today.

Last Saturday morning I took all 6 kids to the library for a special program about unhuggable animals. The kids thought the funniest part was when the man put his mouse on top of his head. Here is a D'Angelo with a yucky huge roach-eeeeeew!
Afterwards we played in the park for a short while- it was still cold out there. We walked home, had lunch, and put the little 3 down for naps. Daddy came in to watch them while I took the big guys back to the library for the Library's reading celebraation/50th birthday party. The kids played games, had cake & ice cream and won lots of fun little toys.
They each earned a new paperback book and goody bag for completing the winter reading
program as well.

breakfast time

Xman is just too cute. All day long he wanted to play with the blender.
He usually helps Daddy make smoothies in the morning.