Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

This year D, Auggie & Tia went to the farm to celebrate, while X & O spent time with my Dad, Deb & Josh. We have spent the past 6 or 7 years ringing in the New Year with the same wonderful friends. We have moved locations, but most things remain the same. Rick spends many hours, for weeks before, planning our menu. He shops on the 29th at Sunset Foods which is his favorite grocery. He spends ALL DAY on the 30th preparing and prepping for the next day. This year we dropped the twins at my Dad's about 1pm on New Years Eve and headed into the Loop with Adeline. Adeline came with us so she and her good friend Lucy could hang out together. The girls had fun playing together, doing multiple crafts, wearing matching dresses, and fighting over the pink baby!

We had a really nice time visiting and a whole bunch of delicious food & wine. What I love is being able to spend the night there and know we are all safe and sound. New Years Day I slept in :) I started my day with a nice hot shower, a good cup of coffee, and a crepe breakfast prepared by my husband. We didn't head home until after 2pm. When I called to let my Dad know we were on our way to pick up the boys I was surprised to hear that they wanted to keep them another night. We agreed to it and continued home. Once home Adeline fell fast asleep on top of my big, fluffy, red coat and stayed there for just shy of 4 hours! She needed some zzzzzzzzzzz's. The fun part was when she woke, we took a trip to TRU, where she bought a new dress up outfit. She and I played together until almost midnight!

How did you spend New Years Day?

Here is Doctor Adeline... wide awake and still playing with me at 11:45 pm.