Tuesday, December 23, 2008

naughty, naughty, naughty

So, is it just my kids or do other kids do things that really make you angry but at the same time give you a giggle?
a small sampling of my crazy hahaha funny life.
Xavier James managed to get this done while I dressed Oliver in the bedroom upstairs. Took him maybe 5 minutes of alone time to get this job done. Very sad for me because this was a brand new jar, just got it the week before, and it was $20.00 swept right into the trash. Okay, maybe it was more like $19.50; Xavier was eating it.

Angry, a little. On the upside his ability to imitate is fantastic :) Thought he was the cutest kid ever. He was sitting on the floor stirring the spice in the pot and eating it. He looked at me, smiled, stirred, tasted some of the spices and said, "mmmmmmmm".
but later that same day Oliver decided he could not let Xavier have all the fun so...
he added Coffee mate to our art projects and then all over the floor.

Auggie- well, Auggie is an interesting kid.
In the past two weeks he has performed plastic surgery on Mickey Mouse.

he also dropped a car into the oven. This is what happens when you heat to 425 degrees!
And I think this was my favorite. Sunday night all I wanted to do was make cookies with the kids. I already had my butter softened on the counter. I came home from the grocery store and my 1# block of butter was missing. Adeline told me Auggie was making a BIG mess with my butter. upstairs. He had it across the entire train table top, two of the sides, two walls were decorated, D'Angelo's bed and bedding were a mess and my cookies did not get made. Auggie and I spent lots of time cleaning the bedroom. Ask the kid why he did it. His reply, "cuz it's tasty".

Snow day...

Friday was a fun filled snow day! The big three headed out to play in the snow with Daddy.
Oliver was running a fever so we had the big guys go out while X & O napped. There is major meltdowns here if the babies can't go out to play when the big guys go. If we so much as mention the word shoe Oliver is quick to grab his boots and unlock the door.