Thursday, May 17, 2007

It is amazing to me how very quickly time is moving these days. My new babies are already ten weeks old! Where has the time gone? As much as it is amazing to see them grow up I am already wishing I could slow it down. I still wonder how D'Angelo could possibly be turning three this September; he was such a little peanut when we got him!
My first Mother's Day was in May 2005...I celebrated as a Mommy of 1. My second Mother's Day May 2006 I was a Mommy of 3... My thrid Mother's Day 2007 I celebrated as a mommy of 5! I am so blessed.

My 3 kiddos May 2006

My First Mother's Day May 2005


Oliver & Xavier

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Doctor appointments

Today Rick & I took Xavier & Oliver for their 2 month checkup and Adeline for her 18 month.

Oliver is 10# 11oz and 24inches
Xavier is 10# 4oz and 22inches
Adeline is 27# and 35 inches tall!

Xavier has been spitting up more than half of every feeding so he is always hungry. I just switched him to Nutramigen (a hypoallergenic formula) 2 days ago. We aren’t seeing an improvement yet but it takes time.

The boys both had fluid in their left kidneys while I was pregnant. I took them for tests and Xavier has grade 4 reflux in his left kidney & grade 2 in the right. Oliver doesn’t show a problem but they want to test further & have both boys see a kidney specialist.

I scheduled the twins to see the kidney specialist June 13th. Our doctor got us this June appt. (The specialist was already scheduling August/September appointments). Our doctor also told me today that she wants me to have Adeline tested for the kidney reflux. She said siblings have a 40% chance of having the same condition. hopefully Adleine will be fine.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Here are pictures we took at brunch.
"a pirate"

momma's glasses


Mother's Day

We celebrated Mother's Day by going to brunch with my Mom & Stepdad. D'Angelo, Auggie & Adeline came with us while a friend came to our house to watch the twins. Our brunch was wonderful however Rick needed to leave early to take Auggie & Adeline home. Auggie was getting loud and pulling on the tablecloth while Adeline just wanted out of her chair! Our weather was nice so we spent lots of time outside playing after brunch.