Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Doctor appointments

Today Rick & I took Xavier & Oliver for their 2 month checkup and Adeline for her 18 month.

Oliver is 10# 11oz and 24inches
Xavier is 10# 4oz and 22inches
Adeline is 27# and 35 inches tall!

Xavier has been spitting up more than half of every feeding so he is always hungry. I just switched him to Nutramigen (a hypoallergenic formula) 2 days ago. We aren’t seeing an improvement yet but it takes time.

The boys both had fluid in their left kidneys while I was pregnant. I took them for tests and Xavier has grade 4 reflux in his left kidney & grade 2 in the right. Oliver doesn’t show a problem but they want to test further & have both boys see a kidney specialist.

I scheduled the twins to see the kidney specialist June 13th. Our doctor got us this June appt. (The specialist was already scheduling August/September appointments). Our doctor also told me today that she wants me to have Adeline tested for the kidney reflux. She said siblings have a 40% chance of having the same condition. hopefully Adleine will be fine.

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