Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We're still here

Almost 4 weeks have passed since I last posted! The kids have all been battling colds since the 18th, coughing and being crabby with fevers here and there. They were couped up in the house up until this Thursday and it was making me and them a little nutty. Adeline went to the doctor last Monday morning because she spiked a fever of 104 Sunday night. She had a double ear infection but is much happier now with her pink medicine :) That's right, she loves to take her pink medicine. She asks me several times a day if it is time for another dose.
We thought the colds were behind us and ventured out to Coco Key water resort on Thursday afternoon with D'Angelo, Auggie and Adeline. My Mom & Darrell came and met us there to play with the kids too. We all enjoyed out time in the water Thursday even though it was on the cold side. Happily the air and water temperatures were warmer Friday morning...the bad news is that Auggie & D'Angelo were getting nasty cold symptoms again. They only wanted to sit in the warm pool and be held by Poppy or Daddy. They both fell asleep shortly after getting into the water. We dried off, got dressed, packed up and went to the immediate care center near my Mom's house to have them seen. The assumption is that they all have a strain of strep; so now, D & Auggie get to have the pink medicine too.

Prior to being sick we visited the Kohl Children's Museum a couple times during the snow storms we had here. Most people decided not to venture out on the roads. The museum was amazingly empty, so we went two days in a row!

January 9 & 10, 2009

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