Saturday, April 4, 2009

Oh where, oh where have we been?

Xavier and Oliver celebrated their 2nd birthday March 8th

Xavier didn't enjoy the singing, but Oliver thought it was fun.

earlier that day D'Angelo was hard at work decorating X & O's cake presents!
Grampy Bill (Rick's Dad) was here visiting us to attend the opening night of the Chicago Flower & Garden Show with Rick as well as celebrate X & O's birthday.
Little Miss Tia celebrated her First birthday March 21st.

On Monday we went back to Spring Valley Nature Center for Maple Sugaring with our homeschool group. here they are looking into the collection bucket from the tree
tasting the dripping sap
trying out the tools of the tradetapping spouts into a log
HOT boling sapD'Angelo & Adeline looking down into the boiling sap. Inside the cabin the kids had the opportunity to taste both store bought syrup and homemade syrup from the nature center. D'Angelo & Adeline preferred the homemade while Auggie liked the store bought better.

This morning we went to visit the Arlington Heights Fire Station # 2. It was Xavier, Oliver & Tia's first visit to a fire station and the second time for the big three. The kids had a great time and were excited that a few calls came in while we were there.

He was showing them the jaws of life
How many preschoolers can you fit into an ambulance?