Monday, January 21, 2008

It seems like my posts keep getting further and further apart! I guess that is what happens with 5 kids- there is only time to accomplish so much. D'Angelo is up at Gaga & Papa's house but should be home tomorrow. It was so cold here this weekend that we kept the kids in the house. I went out on Saturday shopping and the wind made the skin on my face feel like it was freezing. Unfortunatly we are all suffering from another winter cold and had to skip our Monday playgroup this morning. Ugh, another day in the house. Hopefully we will all be happy & feeling good quickly.

This past Thursday we got good news from Xavier's OT Jennifer. He no longer needs OT. Jennifer thinks he is doing great and she is comfortable releasing him from services. Now, he will only get 1 hour of PT a week with Lori. I must say that I am sad Jennifer won't be coming around anymore. I sure have gotten attached to her over the past couple years. She was Auggie's OT for a short time and D'Angelo's OT as well. I know all the kids still ask me weekly about Mrs. Amanda. When is she coming over to play, I wanna see Amanda... Amanda was D's speech therapist, but once he aged out of EI (early intervention) in September she stopped coming to the house. She was awesome with D'Angelo and we miss her around here.

I have a few pictures of D'Angelo from the end of the year that I thought would be fun to share. Papa bought D'Angelo a snowmobile and worked many hours fixing it up for him. D'Angelo was so excited to see his own kitty cat snowmobile after riding with Papa on his big sled. I can't believe my 3 year old is riding a snowmobile all by himself! The real reason I allowed it is because it doesn't go that fast & Papa is always right with him-running alongside!