Saturday, September 6, 2008

Summer is unofficially over & the weather here feels very much like autumn. It's after 2 am and it feels cold outside to me. I'm wearing a sweatshirt, jeans and socks! I think my feet forgot what socks were. It seems to go from sticky hot & humid here to cold! As in, one day the kids are out back splashing in the pool...the next it's time to get out socks & jeans. Don't get me wrong, autumn is my favorite season, it's just that it appears out of nowhere and summer ends so abruptly.
Rick got to enjoy some even cooler weather himself this past week while in Colorado. He & his friend Tom take an annual trip there to hike in the mountains, I can't wait until the kids are a little older so we can all go on a vaca to Colorado. While they were away, the kids and I spent time at my Mom & Darrell's. We did the usual run around all day playing, campfire with marshmallows in the evening, and lots of golf cart rides. The other fun thing is the big guys are having a blast learning to ride their Fisher Price quad all over the farm! Hmmm, what else did we do? We also got over to the Walworth County Fair last week. I roasted 25lbs. or better of Roma tomatoes on Wednesday to make soup & Darrell just brought me another HUGE box of Roma's today! Thankfully with the cooler weather I don't mind having the oven on all day long.
Exciting stuff here, isn't it :)

Silly animals at the fair

Lotsa tomatoes.

roasted tomatoes & garlic
What happens when you allow two toddlers to play with rice??? Lots of fun & a BIG mess.

obviously they didn't get the concept of keeping it in the bins and on the cloth.