Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It has been a crazy, busy time around our place. I think I say that all too often. We have been in the process of renewing our foster care license. Every 4 years it comes up for renewal. This entails completing paperwork, background checks, completing 16 hours of classes each (Rick & I over the 4 year time period), physicals for all family members (Rick & I both run out the week of home study to get these done), home inspection and another home study. Had our home study on Friday and it went well. Glad to know we should be granted our renewal.

We received the boys' amended birth certificates with their new legal names on them! Yippee Skippy, that thrills me. I am listed as their mama and Rick is listed as their father.

Saturday we attended my friend Ruick's 40th birthday BBQ party. We had a nice time visiting and the kids enjoyed playing and having what else? cake!

My Brother Eric and his family came in from Cali for a nice long visit. My grandfather took the bus from Appleton to visit last Thursday and left yesterday morning. My sister-in-law had a surprise party for Eric's 30th on Sunday at The Cubby Bear. Eric's first suspicion raised when my Dad suggested grabbing a beer at The Cubby Bear with my grandfather who doesn't drink! Eric was surprised though and it was a nice time with a good group of his friends.

Yesterday was his actual birthday so we spent the day together at Coco Key Water Resort . I left the littles home with Grandma Debbie while my mom, Josh & I took the big three to meet up with Eric, Michelle & Bailey. The kids had a blast! We spent more than 6 hours there before my crew was so tired I thought they were going to fall over. My brother took me on the fun, dark, fast water slide. I was so nauseated and lightheaded at the end of it I couldn't stand straight for a few moments. I will not try that again, the affect on me was vertigo like.
Upon entering the car I inform the kids that once we get home we will have a quick dinner then get to sleep. D'Angelo cries out, "What about Uncle Eric's birthday! We did not have cake & a party yet!" Thankfully, I was able to assure him that we would get to sleep in order to make a cake in the morning for a BBQ party tonight. Which is where I am now. I am trying to blog while my kids holler at me about making a crazy birthday cake. Off to make a cake!