Friday, August 7, 2009


Thursday afternoon we had a great opportunity to go to Legoland for free!
A Big Thank You to Clearbrook :)
The prices are usually- Adult: $19.00 Child: $15.00 Children age 2 and under are free. So you can see why I couldn't resist going. I knew the kids would enjoy it so after spending the morning at the Botanic we headed over to The LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre in The Streets of Woodfield. The kids had fun playing with all the Legos, riding the rides and watching the 4D Bob the Builder movie. Xavier, Oliver & Tia were in serious need of food & a nap by 3:30 so I headed out to the car to hang with them there while Grandma & Josh played inside with Addie, Auggie & D'Angelo. Around 6pm Adeline came out to the car and the boys stayed until the place closed an hour later at 7:00.
Joshua made these cool chairs for the boys.

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