Tuesday, November 25, 2008

doorknobs that lock ...with a key

So, we learned a lesson today. If you have a doorknob that locks, but do not have the key that will open the locked door, you should replace the doorknob!

Now I am not going to say we weren't warned before about this. The boys have locked themselves in their room in the past but have ALWAYS unlocked the door when we have told them to. Until tonight that is. It all started when Auggie was being his stubborn little self and not cooperating and behaving at the dinner table. I sent him up to his room and told him he could come back down and join us when his attitude was better. He screamed, cried and apparently locked the bedroom door. After we finished dinner I went to check on Auggie and discovered the locked door. Rick, Adeline & I sat at the door for 20 minutes trying to console a very upset Auggie while trying to get him to unlock the door; no luck. We (and when I say we I mean Rick was listening to my suggestion of how to fix the problem) wound up destroying the door in the process of opening it up. Do you know what Auggie was doing when we finally got in there? sleeping!

After that I hurried out of the house to make it to my board meeting for the twins club I belong to. The night did get better though. This is what I came home to :) Four sweet babies all snuggled together. Daddy is actually sleeping alongside of D'Angelo but I didn't get him in the picture.
D'Angelo, Adeline, Tia & Auggie

This was our wonderfully calm evening yesterday. Adeline reading to her monkey.

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