Thursday, February 21, 2008

you know your kids are sick when...

You know your kids are sick when...

You get her water in her sparkly pink cup & milk in her purple cup...but then she doesn't want the purple cup she wants a boy cup (which is anything that isn't pink or purple). Soooo you go back to the kitchen and return with a green cup of milk.
But that is no good either; so, you go back to the kitchen to transfer the milk to yet another cup. Return with the blue, definitely a boy cup, and what does she say in return for this feat?
I want my purple sparkly cup! UGH!

You put your son down for his nap at 1:15 in the afternoon and at 10:00pm he still hasn't wanted to get up yet. All he has had since then was a baba of milk! He must be sick; I gave him a bottle of milk.

Your daughter requests get her a cup of applesauce
She says, "No, I want yogurt".
You get her yogurt she eats 2 bites and then asks for egg & cheese.
You make a cheese omelet and she eats 1 bite and says, "I want water & watch Dora."
You give her, her sparkly pink cup of water and return her to the couch she has been on all day. You turn on the TV, start a Dora video and after a few minutes she asks to go to bed.

You have been up to console her more than once while writing this message.

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