Thursday, February 21, 2008

Allergic reaction?

We have had some type of illness in this house for what seems like FOREVER! One kid gets healthy and someone else picks up the slack and catches a new yucky virus. We had Adeline with an ear infection Monday 2/11. D'Angelo ear infection 2/13. Days following, everyone gets cough, congestion and irritable! Fevers. Yesterday Rick and I took all 5 to the doctor together.
How many people can you fit in one exam room? We had the seven of us, the doctor, a med student to assist and our double stroller. I think we win-LOL. The conclusion was something viral. Great, good times, let's wait this out. My favorite part of our visit was while 4 out of our 5 were crying/screaming the doc looked at the med student and sighed, "Ahhhh, the joys of becoming a pediatrician". I laughed.

This morning when I went to get Adeline from her bed I found her looking like this. I called the doctor and the nurse thinks it is an allergic reaction to the antibiotics she took for the past 9 days. Benedryl has helped with her facial swelling, but she still has the rash all over her entire body. Two doses down so far. If it hasn't cleared by tomorrow I am taking her in to be seen again.

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Adam & Andrew said...

Poor thing! I hope everyone is better soon!