Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sunday we thought winter was trying to return. At D'Angelo's request, Rick took the kids out for a wagon ride and to play at the park for an hour in the 35 degree weather. Brrrr! I stayed nice and warm in the house and finally finished painting the kitchen :) Later in the afternoon Adeline & I ventured out together for a playdate with her friend Violet. The girls had fun playing Barbies and such and afterwards Adeline & I stopped at the store to pick up new shades for our kitchen. Upon leaving the store we were greeted by nasty winds whipping sleety snow into our faces. Yuck! Doesn't mother nature know we want Spring weather?

Monday morning we had a super fun playgroup with some friends of ours. The kids listened to the story Mouse Paint, decorated a rainbow with a bunch of fun materials and enjoyed a rainbow snack. The snack was neat and the kids wanted to have more of it later in the day. Each child was given a dollop of Cool Whip into which a couple drops of different colored food coloring was added. The kids mixed it up to see a rainbow on their plate. Then they got to scoop it up with chocolate chip cookies- Yummy! Thanks Melissa for such a fun morning.
Tuesday morning we attended an Easter celebration with some of
D'Angelo's friends from AWANA.
Here they are hunting for eggs
made a craft
Lamby told the kids all about Easter.
How Christ died for our sins, but that He rose again from the dead, and lives forevermore. Today was actually a nice day and the kids spent most of it playing in our yard. Late this afternoon I Finally took Xavier & Oliver for their 2 year pictures and Tia for her 1 year pictures. A month late for the twins but at least they turned out cute. I won't actually have them until next Friday though so I'll have to post them then.

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