Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sharing a photo from Eric's 30th birthday party at The Cubby Bear.
Grandpa, me, Eric, and my Mom.

I don't think there is anything quite like a Chicago block party! I hadn't been to one prior to last week in years and I am so glad that my kids got the opportunity to enjoy one. There was good food, games, face painting for the kids, popcorn, snow cones, and the company of friends. Thanks to Jerry & Tricia for having us over. The Chicago fire dept came and opened the hydrant for the kids to play. This was a first for my kids. When I was little the older kids in my neighborhood used to get out the channel locks to open the hydrant on our corner. We would run through it until the police came to chase us away and close the hydrant. Where else does this go on? I am curious to hear about other block parties & fire hydrant antics. The kids also got a chance to ride on one of the CPD horses, thanks Audrey. Towards the end of the night my friend Harold let the kids get into his squad car. D'Angelo asked to sit in the back seat and H's partner told him that he couldn't because that was where the dirty bad guys sit. D'Angelo is still talking about the bad guys going to jail.

D & Auggie

While my brother was in town he got all nostalgic and took himself on a trip down memory lane. He drove around our old neighborhood and took a few pictures.

Here is the home we grew up in.
I remember the day the little sapling out in front was planted. I went to preschool in the morning and returned in the afternoon to find my new tree. It really has grown.

The school we attended K-8
Sayre Language Academy

Tia Grace is 5 months old!

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