Thursday, August 2, 2007

Kiddie Land

We went to Kiddie Land in the 90 degree heat-which is why we only lasted 4 hours there. The kids did enjoy their time there with the exception of Adeline getting crabby 2 hours into our time there. I should have known she would wind up getting the 48 hour fever/sickness that D'Angelo had then Auggie had & even poor Oliver ran a temperature for 2 days. All in all though it was an enjoyable day & we are going to try & get back again before the season is over.
Two HOT kiddos!

Thankfully this was at the end of our day.
so tired

Spaceship fun

These rockets were moving so fast that I couldn't tell if Adeline enjoyed any part of this ride or if she was just scared to death. I do know she was happy when the ride ended.

I remember loving these boats when I used to go to Kiddie Land as a little girl with my Grandma

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